Thousands Sign Ignore Palin Petition

by Katrina Trinko

A petition to ignore Sarah Palin for a week has generated 32,500 signatures.

Launched by Left Action, a group of over 1 million liberal activists, the petition laments that “We’ve tried debating her, arguing with her, boycotting her, voting against her, and yet… she keeps coming back.  Much like a vampire or a nasty fungus.”

The group also has tips on how to navigate your way through a Palin-free world (and yes, these are all real suggestions from the site):

·         If a friend mentions “Sarah Palin,” reply as if he or she said, “Para Sailing.”  And keep doing it. Para sailing is way cooler.

·         For your dose of gossip, consider switching to someone far less annoying.  Like Snooki. 

·         Visit “Telling Sarah Palin She’s Full of Crap” on Facebook, and join 100,000 other people who will be talking about everything else BUT Palin.

·         Refer to her as “she who shall remain nameless” for the duration of the week

·         Have other conversation topics ready to go

Left Action also tells petition signers to “keep it nice, and no threats — even in jest.”

Good to know that, comparisons to fungi and Harry Potter arch-villain Voldemort (or ‘He who must not be named’) aside, this will be a ‘civil’ effort.

For those of you who aren’t ignoring the Palins, the latest news is that Bristol Palin has a book deal with Harper Collins imprint William Morrow. The book, entitled Not Afraid of Life, will discuss Palin’s life as a single mother, her relationship with Levi Johnston, and her time on Dancing with the Stars.

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