Palin vs. Romney

by Ramesh Ponnuru

In a recent article for NR–now on the homepage–I speculate about what a Romney-vs.-Palin primary would look like, and conclude that it would probably be unusually bitter. For one thing, there is a new class divide in the Republican party based partly on income and education, and each of these politicians is associated, to a degree unusual for Republican politicians, with one side of that divide. Romney tends to draw support from Republicans with higher incomes and college degrees, and these voters tend not to support Palin.

Reader D. M. writes in response: “Sir: I support Palin.

“And by the way, I have a BS in Applied Math, MS and PhD in Engineering, 12 years of college, a total of 250 semester hours of graduate work in applied math, mathematical physics, astrophysics, electrical and aerospace engineering. Worked in aerospace for a long time, and in academe for an equally long time.

“And I enthusiastically support Sarah.”

Fair enough. But you appear to be wonderfully atypical.

P.S. The article mentions the candidates’ Intrade rankings. Since it was written, Romney’s odds as indicated by the market have risen slightly and Palin’s have fallen below those of Daniels, Pawlenty, and Huckabee.