Secretary Gates Looks Ahead

by Conrad Black

From my most recent NRO article, on a recent speech by Defense Secretary Robert Gates: “The era of confrontations between large armies, Mr. Gates asserts, is over, and what is more likely is the projection of powers of interdiction from the air and sea, with an amphibious-insertion capacity of more modest and less heavily armored manpower levels. This reflects the fact that the other major powers are unlikely to attack outwards with large standing armies, as was feared throughout the Cold War in central Europe and Korea, and on the Chinese periphery. Russia has no ability to threaten, much less intimidate, Western Europe; the prospects of China conducting a land invasion of its neighbors are effectively zero. Though China is the greatest military power in east Asia (other than the nuclear capabilities in that theater of the U.S.), the steady military buildup of the Japanese, Indians, and others indicate that no imbalance of force in the theater will arise that cannot be corrected by American assistance through the Seventh Fleet and other forces deployed in the area. ”

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