Headless Body and a Fenceless Border

by Mark Krikorian

In an important milestone in our nation’s development, America has now been graced with its first Mexican cartel beheading:

CHANDLER, Ariz. — Authorities have determined a man who was stabbed and beheaded in a suburban Phoenix apartment was killed for stealing drugs from a Mexican cartel, in a gruesome example of drug cartel violence spilling over the border.

Martin Alejandro Cota-Monroy, 38, stole 400 pounds of marijuana and some meth from a drug cartel while telling the cartel that the drugs had been seized by the Border Patrol, according to a Chandler police report released Wednesday.

The cartel found out Cota-Monroy had actually stolen the drugs and hired men to kidnap and kill him in Nogales, Mexico. But Cota-Monroy was able to talk his way out of being killed, saying he’d pay back the money and use his house for collateral, the report says.

But the house wasn’t Cota-Monroy’s and he fled to the Phoenix area, leading the cartel to hire assassins to go to Arizona, befriend Cota-Monroy and kill him. …

The U.S. has seen extensive cross-border violence tied to drug trafficking. In one example from 2009, members of a group of Mexican drug traffickers were indicted in the murders of nine people in the San Diego area — including two victims whose bodies were dissolved in acid.

But Tony Payan, a political science professor at the University of Texas at El Paso who has done extensive research on border violence, has said the Arizona case could be the only known beheading in the U.S. carried out by a drug cartel.

Decapitations are a regular part of the drug war in Mexico as cartels fight over territory. Headless bodies have been dangled from bridges by their feet; severed heads have been sent to victims’ family members and government officials; and bags of up to 12 heads have been dropped off in high-profile locations.

Sure, the guy who was killed was just a rival drug dealer, so it’s not like anyone’s going to miss him, but cartels used to confine their brutality to fellow criminals in Mexico, too, until they started branching out to the general population.

Oh, and where did these vermin get the idea for beheadings in the first place? From the misunderstanders of the Religion of PeaceTM, where else?:

The blood-curdling act shocked Mexico, and evoked images of Islamic terrorism half a world away.

“These guys are copying the methods of al Qaida (terrorists),” said Jorge Chabat, a criminal justice expert at the Center for Research and Teaching of Economics in Mexico City. He said the Mexican drug lords saw Internet video of beheadings of hostages captured by Muslim extremists in Iraq and Pakistan, and adopted the tactic themselves, down to the posting of video on the internet.

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