Race and Abortion: A Random Observation

by Peter Kirsanow

Driving home from work yesterday, I noticed a new billboard in my neighborhood (predominately black inner-city Cleveland). The billboard featured a black mother holding her smiling baby. The legend said simply, “I chose life.” Another billboard advertised adoption services.

On a business trip to Newark a few days ago, I passed an abortion clinic in a predominately black neighborhood. Nearby was the standard billboard concerning unwanted pregnancies. (Recently, Kathryn has discussed the proliferation of abortion clinics in black neighborhoods and the near 40 percent abortion rate among black pregnancies.)

Some benighted souls may labor under the impression that both tolerance and bigotry transcend ideology. Yet the mainstream media helpfully (and repeatedly) instruct that liberals are tolerant friends of minorities but conservatives — particularly those of the Tea Party genus — are bigots who wish minorities ill.

Random observation: Setting aside for a moment the standard arguments (and the merits thereof) in the pro-choice/pro-life debate, a fact remains: In black neighborhoods, liberal-leaning groups advertise and facilitate a procedure that results in the birth of fewer black babies; conservative groups advertise and facilitate a procedure that results in the birth of more black babies.

The observation is simply that: not an analysis, conclusion, or judgment. Those are left to the solons in the mainstream media. I suspect, however, that the observation will somehow be confirmation of conservative bigotry.

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