Gingrich: ‘An Extraordinary Adventure’

by Robert Costa

David Brody reports on Gingrich’s letter to his family. Here is a snippet:

Callista and I want everyone in our family to know that at noon today we are launching
 We will publicly announce this in a press conference with Georgia Governor Nathan Deal around 2:30.
 I will have a very short statement.
 We are grateful for your love support and prayers.
 This will be an extraordinary adventure and we hope all of you will feel free to participate and help.
 We will do a family conference call in a few days reporting on how things are going.



More from Brody:

The Brody File has also learned that in Gingrich’s short statement, he will say, “We believe with the right values and the right policies we can restore American exceptionalism, create the best jobs in the world, reduce government and balance the budget, and strengthen national and homeland security to keep Americans safe.”

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