Krauthammer’s Take

by NRO Staff

From Wednesday night’s Fox News All-Stars.

On the vote for the continuing resolution cutting $4 billion and letting the government operate for two weeks:

There were six Republicans who voted against. Of course, Ron Paul — anything that would extend the life of the Federal Reserve for a couple of weeks is something he couldn’t really accept with ease.

And surprisingly Michele Bachmann — sort of staking out ground way out there as if to say that this isn’t enough. But $2 billion a week of cuts is $100 billion every year. That is real money.

On the possibility of U.S. military intervention in Libya:

The ships in the Med[iterranean] right now would support extraction or rescue or humanitarian effort, but not an air campaign. …The USS Enterprise, the carrier, was in the Med two weeks ago, in February. It was moved out. Obviously it was headed into the Persian Gulf area to protect the Gulf, but it left North Africa sort of unprotected. I’m not sure why we don’t announce that another carrier is on its way — [giving us] one in Gulf … and the other in the Med.

But, look, the real issue isn’t can we do it? Obviously yes, in time. [The real issue is:] Should we? And for that, I think you’ve got to have two conditions. (A) You’ve got to have an open, clear request from the rebels. And I think the secretary of state is right. We have to know who the rebels are, they have to get it together [and] have at least a voice, and then a request.

And then as in the Balkans, number two would be we would ignore the U.N., as we did in the Balkans, because Russia and China would veto. What you’ve got to have is unanimity in NATO. And there you have one American carrier – look, Italy is [in effect] an aircraft carrier, it’s right nearby. If you use Italian air bases, NATO aircraft, [and a single] American aircraft carrier, you’ve got a serious air campaign.

So you can do it — but it has to be done in the right way, and with real caution, and a specific request from the rebels. It shouldn’t be a freelance overnight thing.

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