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Wisconsin AG Praises Vinson’s Ruling


Wisconsin attorney general J. B. Van Hollen praises Judge Roger Vinson’s stay of his ruling on Obamacare:

“Judge Vinson’s order today further strengthens our case and my conclusions that the Obama administration over-reached in its efforts to implement its national healthcare scheme,” Attorney General Van Hollen said this afternoon. “What I read from Judge Vinson’s ruling is that the federal government was wrong if it thought it could continue to implement the federal health care law.  Judge Vinson asserts that his order was abundantly clear in that it was intended to have the force of an injunction,” he went on. “I am further encouraged the court has construed the federal government’s ‘motion to clarify’ as a ‘motion to stay’ and has given the federal government only one week to seek expedited appellate review. We’re ready to go,” he concluded.

Readers will remember that Hollen declared Obamacare “dead” within state lines earlier this year.


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