Old Progressives vs. New Progressives

by Steven F. Hayward

Over on the Power Line blog, I’ve started a series about how the old Progressives of 100 years ago differ from today’s so-called “Progressives.” To be sure, today’s Progressives do descend directly from certain central aspects of the old Progressives — especially their disdain for the principles of the American Founding. In that respect, Obama is an epigone of Woodrow Wilson. But in many other respects today’s Progressives differ markedly from the old Progressives, and these differences can tell us a lot about what’s wrong with today’s Progressives.   

You can find the first three installments here, here, and here.  Eventually I’ll want to draw Jonah into this racket. We’ll call it “The New Prog Rock.” Or maybe not.

Meanwhile, if you don’t keep up with Power Line, John Hinderaker is making mincemeat of the Think Progress attacks on the Koch brothers.

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