Re: T-Shirt Wars

by Robert Costa

Behold the power of The Corner:

When the owners of a Two Rivers T-shirt shop felt that their business was being threatened by a local school boycott after they printed a pro-Gov. Scott Walker shirt, they never foresaw that orders would be coming in from as far as Texas.

That’s what happened after a story about the flap ran in Friday’s Herald Times Reporter and got picked up by the conservative news site, National Review Online.

The phone has been ringing so much that he’s been having a hard time getting his work done, said David VanGinkel, owner with his wife, Bridget, of B&D Embroidery & Screen Printing in Two Rivers.

“We have gotten a lot of calls. To be honest I haven’t had a single negative phone call,” he said Friday morning. “We have gotten T-shirt orders from as far away as Washington, D.C., and Austin, Texas.”

The shirt that irked the union boss is now flying off the shelves. Bridget VanGinkel, the shop’s co-owner, recently jumped into the Corner to thank our readers.

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