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The Herald Flip-flops on Romney


Or at least its cover does. On Sunday, the Boston Herald dubbed Mitt Romney the “spin doctor” for his attempts to deflect criticism of Massachusetts’s health-care system:

That day, columnist Howie Carr argued:

An old putdown of a politician was to say that he reminds every woman of her first husband or worst boyfriend. Now the joke is that Mitt Romney reminds every worker of the boss who fired him. When the New York Post, in a devastating story about Bain Capital, describes Mitt as a “working class zero,” you definitely have a class problem.

Today, however, the Herald gives the cover to Romney and his criticism of President Obama.

Romney concludes:

Unless President Obama changes course, these job fairs, with their day-long lines of unemployed seeking nothing more than a chance to earn a living, are going to be seen as his Hoovervilles. “I’m the only person of distinction who has ever had a depression named for him,” President Hoover once ruefully complained. Obamanomics, which at extraordinary cost has accomplished extraordinarily little, is earning our president his own dubious place in our history books.