Maryland Ratepayers Told to Break Wind, and Other News Items

by Steven F. Hayward

Over on the blog, I explain the idiocy of Maryland governor Martin O’Malley’s scheme to install offshore wind power and stick consumers with a hefty surcharge to pay for it, all in the name of saving the planet. Also, my AEI colleague Michael Greve weighs in with an even more pessimistic frame of mind than me about the tobacco settlement case I mentioned this morning. (Full disclosure: the CEI suit was largely Michael’s brainchild.)  

Meanwhile, as I have the floor, my latest two installments of my “Progressive versus Progressive” series are up over at Power Line blog here and here.

And K-Lo: The wireless internet in the Acela is really cool. I’m en route to NYC for tonight’s latest installment of the Intelligence Squared debate series, this time smacking around the “clean” energy gnomes. I’m told there are still a few tickets available.

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