Wisconsin Heading Toward Endgame?

by Daniel Foster

There have been false alarms before, but look-see these tweets from Wisconsin reporter Jessica Arp:

Senate just convened, said they have a different bill than the Assembly passed. Conf Committee created, will meet at 6pm

A source confirms to News 3 that Republican Senators intend to remove fiscal portions of Budget Repair bill in order to pass w/out Dem Sen.

James Lindgren floated this idea here at NRO almost a week ago.

UPDATE: Here is what we’re hearing. It’s a fluid situation, but the conference committee will now meet at 7pm EST and we think they are going to pull the collective bargaining stuff from the budget-repair bill and pass it in both houses, which they can do without the Democrats. If the Democrats do yield and turn up, they’ll pass the full budget-repair bill in the senate, and it would go to the governor’s desk. 

Either way, this could all be over (but the shouting — oh, my, the shouting) by tomorrow.

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