Everything Old Is New Again

by Jay Nordlinger

A bit of news yesterday reminded me of something old — certainly of an old practice. Here was the news: The Chinese government is sending e-mails to Western officials, purporting to be from Falun Gong representatives. The e-mails are designed to discredit Falun Gong, and opposition to the Chinese dictatorship generally. Beijing should be able to do better, though: The e-mails are laughably transparent — laughable in the transparency of their fraudulence.

Just a little walk down Memory Lane: When Andrei Sakharov won the Nobel peace prize in 1975, the Kremlin was very, very upset. (Same as the Chinese government was upset last year, when Liu Xiaobo won.) They did a lot of things: including forging a telegram of congratulations to Sakharov from Augusto Pinochet!

Nice going, guys — slick. Maybe in 2011 they would have forged an e-mail?

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