Recall of Wis. GOP Senators Gaining Traction

by Katrina Trinko

Wisconsin Democrats are reporting that they now have nearly half of the signatures needed to recall the eight GOP senators eligible. (In Wisconsin, a politician must be in office a year before a recall can occur.) From Washington Post blogger Greg Sargent:

Dems have now collected over 45 percent of the signatures necessary to hold recall elections for eight GOP state senators, the Wisconsin Democratic Party tells me.

Dems have now collected over 56,000 signatures supporting the recall drives, according to party spokesman Graeme Zielinski, after another surge in organizing activity over the weekend. That’s up from roughly 14,000 after last weekend. This means Dems are well ahead of schedule: In each targeted district, Dems need to amass the required signatures — 25 percent of the number who voted in the last gubernatorial election — by a deadline of 60 days after first filing for recalls, which happened nearly two weeks ago.

In other words, Dems are reporting they are nearly halfway to the finish line, with roughly three-fourths of the alloted time remaining.

Republicans still haven’t released the number of signatures they have gotten for recalls of Democratic senators. Senate majority leader Scott Fitzgerald told NRO last week that the GOP was “taking [the recall threat] seriously.”

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