Trump Supporter Argues that Trump Candidacy Has Traction

by Katrina Trinko

In my piece today about Donald Trump’s possible 2012 run, I wrote that “as a possible candidate, Trump doesn’t appear to have gained much traction.”

Not so, objects Michael Cohen, executive vice president at The Trump Organization and one of the organizers behind the “Should Trump Run?” website. Cohen points out that the site has already had over 550,000 page views, despite the fact that Trump’s name has only recently been bandied about as a presidential contender. He also points out that Trump’s two Twitter accounts (DonaldJTrump and RealDonaldTrump) cumulatively have over 500,000 followers. I pointed out in the piece that Mitt Romney had significantly more Facebook followers than Trump (800,000 vs. 180,000), but it’s true that Trump does trump (yes, I know, if he does run in 2012, all the media should mutually promise not to use phrases like that) Romney in twitter followers: he has only 30,000 followers.

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