GOP Support for Palin Dips

by Katrina Trinko

Among adults who lean Republican, support for Sarah Palin is decreasing, according to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll.

About 58 percent of Republicans think favorably of Palin, putting her just behind Mike Huckabee (61 percent) and Mitt Romney (60 percent), and ahead of Newt Gingrich (55 percent). All four score significantly higher than the next, lesser-known stratum of contenders, which includes Tim Pawlenty (28 percent), Haley Barbour (26 percent), Mitch Daniels (22 percent), and Jon Huntsman (20 percent).

In the past, Palin has commanded more enthusiasm from Republicans, drawing 88 percent favorability ratings in September 2008. More recently, she had a 70 percent favorability rating among Republicans in October.

Her unfavorable ratings have sharply spiked, reaching 37 percent. Newt Gingrich is next, with 26 percent of Republicans viewing him unfavorably. Mitt Romney has the third-highest unfavorable rating at 21 percent.

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