Re: Breaking: Judge Halts Wisconsin Bargaining Law

by Robert Costa

Earlier this week, Governor Walker argued, in an NRO interview, that the bill is legal:

Walker swats away the idea that his budget fix could face legal challenges. Democrats complain that the Republican state senators passed it without proper notice. “There is absolutely no way [it is derailed],” he says. “The conference committee had counsel from the Senate’s chief clerk, who has worked for four different majorities — two Democrat and two Republican. This is not somebody who’s a partisan. He clearly laid out the statute rules for the special session and they fully complied with the law.”

For the moment, Republican leaders, according to, are keeping mum: “A spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald declined comment on this morning’s decision. ‘It’s an ongoing legal issue, and we can’t comment on it,’ said Andrew Welhouse. The guv’s office and a spokesman for Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald did not immediately respond to requests for comment.”

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