The Cost to Taxpayers of Joe Biden Station: $20 Million

by Veronique de Rugy

I get annoyed when I read stories like this one about how Joe Biden hands out $20 million in stimulus money to Amtrak so that they can renovate his home station; and then Amtrak turns around and renames the station after him; all the while it’s about $6 million overbudget. 

As a thank-you to its most famous customer, Amtrak is renaming the train station in Wilmington, Del., after stimulus “sheriff” Vice President Joseph R. Biden — after the project received $20 million in stimulus money and came in $5.7 million over the initial announced budget.

Spokesmen for Mr. Biden, who said he personally fought for stimulus money for Amtrak, didn’t respond to messages Wednesday or Thursday.

But Amtrak said it alone made the decision to rename the station in honor of the vice president. The company also said its own budget projection was always greater than the $32 million the White House announced back in 2009 — though Amtrak itself also listed the $32 million cost that year, later raising the price tag to $37.7 million.

I guess I haven’t be in D.C. long enough. It still gets to me.

Read the whole thing here. Here’s ABC News on the issue. And this is a funny Nick Gillespie blog post from 2008 about Biden and Amtrak.

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