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Schools of Misrule, Next Week at Heritage


Ever wonder why we keep getting inferior federal judges, such as the one in the District of Columbia who just held that Congress essentially has the power to regulate mental activity? Look no further than our elite law schools. They keep generating catastrophically bad legal ideas and churning out lawyers who are trained to ignore the Constitution and the rule of law. Walter Olson of the CATO Institute has a great new book about this, Schools for Misrule: Legal Academia and an Overlawyered America. He even illustrates how these appalling legal doctrines are corrupting our politics through politicians such as Barack Obama (Harvard and Chicago) and Bill and Hillary Clinton (Yale).

For anyone interested in hearing about this, I encourage you to come see Walter Olson in person as he talks about these schools for misrule and his new book at the Heritage Foundation on Tuesday, March 22, at noon. It will also be webcast live at


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