On and On Wisconsin

by Michael Walsh

Is anyone surprised that a local judge has issued a temporary restraining order against . . . well, against Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican party of Wisconsin? Yes, a mighty jurist in Dane County with the Dickensian name of Maryann Sumi has halted publication of the new law restricting collective-bargaining privileges for the state’s public-sector unions until she can rule on its merits.

Welcome to Election 2012, the preview edition.

As I’ve been saying, Wisconsin is a test-case battleground for the special forces and new weapons that each side will bring to bear next year. Okay, make that one side, since the Republicans continue to play by the old rules — you know, contesting and winning elections, passing laws, stuff like that — while the Democrats deploy their fleets of teachers, cops, firemen, and lawyers like Panzer divisions. For the Party of Alinksy — the unholy offspring of ’30s machine-politics gangsters and ’60s Marxist radicals — there is no tactic too thuggish, no argument too ridiculous, and no thing they will not attack, including the very legitimacy of the system that gave them their law degrees. 

You better wise up, Janet Weiss: Until the Stupid Party figures out that not only have the rules changed but the game itself has undergone, shall we say, fundamental transformation, this adamant refusal to accept defeat on the part of the Left will continue, undermining the very foundations of our country’s legal and political system.

Right now, Republicans should be worrying less about who their standard-bearer will be next year — my short list is down to two, who will make swell running mates — and start hunting for field commanders with a firm grasp of tactics, a sense of audacity, a healthy respect for their opponents’ capabilities, and an absolute contempt for their ethos. 

Not Ike, in other words, but Patton. Otherwise, as my pal Dolph Lundgren says to Carl Weathers in Rocky IV: You will lose.

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