Marching Back West?

by Rich Lowry

The Libyan rebels are a rag-tag crew, but apparently even they can mount a counter-offensive when we’re pummeling Qaddafi’s forces on the ground. From the New York Times:

Rebel forces, battered and routed by loyalist fighters just the day before, began to regroup in the east as allied warplanes destroyed dozens of government armored vehicles near the rebel capital, Benghazi, leaving a field of burned wreckage along the coastal road to the city. By nightfall, the rebels had pressed almost 40 miles back west toward the strategic crossroads city of Ajdabiya, witnesses and rebel forces said. And they seemed to consolidate control of Benghazi despite heavy fighting there against loyalist forces on Saturday.

If this is true, what’s to stop us from bringing them all the way to the brink of Tripoli again fairly rapidly?

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