McCaskill Owed $287K in Back Property Taxes

by Katrina Trinko

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D., Mo.) revealed today that she never paid $287,000 in property taxes accumulated since 2007 for a private plane that she owns.

She announced that she intended to pay immediately, and said that she “take[s] full responsibility for the mistake,” according to Politico.

McCaskill came under fire earlier this month, after Politico found that she had billed taxpayers nearly $80,000 for transportation costs associated with using the plane she co-owns with her husband and others.  McCaskill denied wrongdoing, but paid the money back in full to the treasury.

In a conference call with reporters today, she said that she had persuaded her husband to sell the “d— plane.”

Correction: McCaskill owes the money to St. Louis county, not the IRS as I originally wrote.

UPDATE: The NRSC has a video out on “ClaireAir”:

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