The Cheek of Araby

by Mark Steyn

This editorial is from Lebanon’s Daily Star:

The Arab embarrassment in the matter, however, does not end with mere inaction. The Western warplanes had barely landed after their first sorties when Arab League chief Amr Moussa began criticizing the strikes. Moussa, of course, was not alone. Arab disunity hardly counts as news; the hypocrisy of the backtracking was the truly nauseating part.

The Arab world bleats incessantly about U.S. and Western colonialism and imperialism; but when Arab leaders needed help in an emergency, they went begging to the West. Once the help came, many reverted to accepting the unproven view of a bloodthirsty mass murderer – Gadhafi – that civilians were killed.

That’s this unlovely region in a nutshell: Passivity and dependency oscillating with duplicity and victimhood. If you’re a western power and you’re not intervening in the Middle East in hard-headed, coolly-calculated, strategic support of your national interest, you’ll only come a cropper — and, however it goes, you’ll be blamed for it.

By the way, I always love the way the West gets blamed in the Middle East for supporting despots and thugs. C’mon, all you Arab “intellectuals”: Who else is there? Where’s your Havel or your Corazon Aquino? Amr Moussa, a shifty devious suck-up to dictators his entire life, has hopes of becoming the president of the “new” Egypt. Great: a “Facebook Revolution” with the same two-faced faces.

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