DCCC Launches Preemptive Strike on Ryan’s Budget

by Andrew Stiles

House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) has promised to put an end to empty promises by including significant reform to entitlement programs in his 2012 budget proposal, which he plans to release in early April. In a preemptive response to Ryan’s plan, Democrats are drafting their own entitlement reform package running attack ads against Republican congressmen.

Via Politico:

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is hoping to make vulnerable House Republicans run for reelection with Paul Ryan’s budget plan hanging around their necks. In a new offensive launching today, the DCCC will target 10 Republican lawmakers – including eight freshmen – with newspaper ads, e-mails and automated and live phone calls, tying them to the House Budget chief’s pledge to overhaul Social Security and Medicare. “Cutting retirement benefits but protecting big oil?” one newspaper ad reads. “Paul Gosar and his leaders want to CUT your hard-earned Social Security and Medicare benefits rather than cutting big tax breaks for big oil.”

For good measure, the DCCC has launched a website to go along with the new offensive — www.stopbenefitcuts.com

The targeted Republicans are freshman Reps. Paul Gosar (R., Ariz.), Allen West (R., Fla.), Dan Benishek (R., Mich.), Joe Heck (R., Nev.), Lou Barletta (R., Pa.), Blake Farenthold (R., Texas), Sean Duffy (R., Wis.), and David McKinley (R., W.Va.) — as well as Rep. Bill Young (R., Fla.) and Paul Ryan himself.

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