A Libya Metric

by Kevin D. Williamson

Hourly cost of whatever it is we’re doing in Libya: about $4 million. Total cost of building one mile of border fence, as undertaken by our horribly inefficient, bloated, largely incompetent federal government: about $2 million. So, every 30 minutes we’re in Libya is one mile of border fence we could have built: Assuming the mission is accomplished in each case, which investment would make us safer?

I hasten to remind all that Qaddafi isn’t just a cornered rat, but a cornered-rat terrorist. And if some Mohammed al-Kaboom in his employ were inclined to walk into the United States with a suitcase dirty bomb or bioweapon, and take a quick drive to our nation’s second-largest city or our fourth-largest city, he’d probably find very little standing in his way, because we refuse to make the most elementary sort of commitment to our own national security.

My own theory for why we haven’t had terrorist spectaculars launched across the U.S. Mexico border: Even al-Qaeda is afraid of Juarez these days.

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