‘If This Had Been George W. Bush . . .’

by Jay Nordlinger

The world tires of conservatives who say, “If George W. Bush had done this, the media would go nuts” — but I will tire the world some more. A reader notes that President Obama and his family visited the big ol’ Jesus statue in Rio. Lots of lovely photos. Nighttime splendor. “But don’t you think these images may play a little contentiously in the Middle East right now? Obama orders Americans into action in Libya, however reluctantly — and we’re swimming in these Christ the Redeemer photos. What if Bush had stood beneath this statue while bombing Iraq? What would the media, what would the U.N., what would everyone have said then?”

Theocracy! Crusades! “Insensitivity,” at a minimum.

Okay, I promise not to do another item of this type for — oh, a half-day. Might even give you a full day.

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