Birtherism: The Prequel

by Michael Potemra

Ananda Coomaraswamy was one of the 20th century’s leading scholars of Eastern religion. His son Rama Coomaraswamy became a Traditionalist Roman Catholic, and wrote books opposing the changes in Catholicism after Vatican II. I have been reading one of them, The Destruction of the Christian Tradition, and happened on the following marvelous passage about Pope Paul VI:

His father, a banker employed by the Vatican, came from a Jewish family, and his mother was a convert from Judaism at the time of her marriage. Now, no traditional Catholic can have any objection to his Jewish ancestry. [Whew! That’s a relief. --- MP] What is however significant is that no record of his baptism can be found. If in fact he was never baptized, then his Orders are totally invalidated. . . . 

Now, the “Lamestream Media” would be quick to label this passage the work of a “nut,” a “crank,” a “crackpot,” a “lunatic,” a “wacko” . . . OK, enough. But isn’t it obvious that Pope Paul VI is himself to blame for this whole controversy? I mean: Why didn’t he just release the baptism certificate? What was he trying to hide?

I confess I have a personal stake in getting an answer to these essential questions. Only when we settle the question of whether Pope Paul was Jewish — and whether Barack Obama is a Kenyan Muslim — will I be able to focus all my energy on a much more fundamental mystery: Who stole my strawberries? (Sorry, I’ll take any opportunity to link to that clip. Bogart was awesome, and that was one of his all-time best performances.)

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