CAIR Sought Qaddafi Millions

by Andrew C. McCarthy

Apparently, the United States government is not alone in having a recent change of heart about Colonel Qaddafi. At the same time we were airbrushing the terrorist as an ally against terrorism, top officials of the Hamas-tied Council on American Islamic Relations were gushing praise for the dictator and seeking millions of dollars from him to underwrite their American activities.

It was 2009, as Steve Emerson’s Investigative Project on Terrorism recounts, and Qaddafi had just stunned the “international community” with a rambling 100-minute tirade (a tad beyond the 15-minute speech limit) at the U.N. General Assembly — during which he railed “about everything from the assassinations of Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy to his belief that the U.N. Security Council was similar to al-Qaida, calling it a ‘terror council.’”  

Afterwards, CAIR executive director Nihad Awad hailed Qaddafi as “the world Islamic popular leader,” adding, “Your speech has had an impact in the hearts of many people in the world,” and that “we appreciate your efforts over the years, and wish also to extend your interest . . . to Muslims in America, God willing.” CAIR then hit Qaddafi up for money, which the strongman is said not to have come up with. So, naturally, CAIR now says, what’s the big deal? They’ve decided “the world Islamic popular leader” is a mad man after all, and a brutal human rights violator — which even the State Department (however grudgingly) was acknowledging that he was and had always been in its 2009 report on countries receiving U.S. aid.

Steve further details how CAIR continues to intimate that it does not accept foreign contributions, despite recently being shown soliciting $50 million from those human rights paragons, the Saudis. The whole IPT report is worth a gander, here.

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