Tea Party Divided Over Libya

by Brian Bolduc

On the homepage, I’ve got a story about the Tea Party’s reaction to the military offensive in Libya. Do tea partiers think the action is unconstitutional? Well, they’re not sure:

“I think there’s a variety of opinion out there,” Bob MacGuffie, cofounder of Right Principles, a Tea Party group, tells National Review Online. “I think technically he has the right to do such a thing, but in very short order, he’s supposed to go to Congress for approval.” . . .

Jason Hoyt, a member of the Central Florida Tea Party Council, however, disagrees: “From what I’m reading, it’s unconstitutional. Congress has to declare war, and he hasn’t gone to them at all.” . . .

“I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with Dennis Kucinich, but he should have gone to Congress,” [Virginia tea partier Mark] Lloyd concurs.

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