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Kristol: Palin ‘Probably Shouldn’t’ Be GOP 2012 Nominee


Saying that Sarah Palin is “unlikely” to run in 2012, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol commented Monday that Palin was “unlikely to be the Republican nominee, and … probably shouldn’t be the Republican nominee for president.”

Kristol was speaking at a media panel at Vanderbilt University, which was moderated by Politico’s Ben Smith, who first reported his comments.

“[Palin] has a very shrewd judgment about politics and policy and very good instincts — but she hasn’t done what Reagan … did, which is really educate himself over a number of years,” Kristol said, also remarking that he was bewildered by Palin’s decision to resign as governor of Alaska since she had not since “come to the mainland and really participate[d] in the national debate.”

Kristol also defended Palin against those who attack her intelligence. “I just challenge anyone here who has decided she’s a ridiculous person who can’t hold her own to go back and watch that debate [the 2008 vice presidential candidate debate] — she did fine, and held her own against the 30-year senator,” Kristol commented.

Palin has just returned from her trip abroad to Israel, where she met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and India, where she delivered the keynote speech at the India Today Conclave.