RomneyCare Makes Bay Stater Sick

by Jack Fowler

A hard-core conservative-Republican family member from Massachusetts is very down on Mitt getting his mitts on health care. He writes:

Speaking of Romneycare, my insurance premiums went up so hugely last year that I had to go with a cheaper policy with all kinds of co-pays my old policy didn’t have, and which has a total annual $5,000 capped deductible. I had to take the $5,000 deductible and cross my fingers and hope I didn’t get sick or injured for a couple of years to make the cheaper policy worthwhile. And now that same “cheap” policy went up another 600 bucks annually this year. I have NEVER had my insurance rocket up like this in the twenty years I’ve paid out of my own pocket for it. And I was a lot younger those two decades, so I basically — being responsible — paid for the best policy at the time in my life when I needed that kind of policy the least, and now that I’m moving into the time of life when I’m more likely to start breaking down I can’t afford that policy any longer. All thanks to Mitt Romney. How Republicans think this guy isn’t a disaster is beyond me.

I forgot to mention that [my brother]‘s plan was cancelled outright and, after a couple of decades for him as well, he was forced to select a crummier plan. His old plan would have covered hospitalization, but with his new one he is still getting bills for his hospital stay last fall. And he just got a notice that his plan is going up nearly a thousand bucks annually. . . . We are “rich,” I guess, because we’re both self-employed.

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