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Palin: ‘I’m Through Whining about a Liberal Press’


Remarking that “women are held to a different standard in all areas,” including politics, Sarah Palin talked yesterday about how she will not focus on the unfairness of double standards.

“My point is going to be ‘so what?’ Let’s just work harder, produce more, produce better, and get over it,” Palin told Fox News host Greta Van Susteren. “I am through whining about a liberal press that holds especially conservative women to a different standard because it doesn’t do me any good to whine about it. I’ve made my point.”

In response to conservatives asking NOW to condemn Bill Maher for calling Palin a female vulgarism, Palin wryly commented that she “needs NOW’s defense like a fish needs a bicycle.”

“We need to concentrate on what really matters in this world,” Palin said. “There aren’t enough hours in the day to be consumed by things like that [the Maher insult]. I, anyway, have got to be focused on things that I can do to help effect change in this country.”

Asked about her presidential plans, Palin conceded she was “tempted,” but also remarked that “you don’t need a title, you don’t need an office to make a difference. I’m proof of that.”

Talking about Libya, Palin said, “We better be in it to win it.”

“And if there’s doubt, we get out,” she added. “Win it means Qaddafi goes and America gets to get on out of there and let the people of Libya create their own government, choose their own leader. And America, no nation building. We get out. We take care of our affairs elsewhere.”

UPDATE: Palin clarifies her remarks, tweeting, “I’ll hold LSM accountable MORE THAN EVER;my comment acknowledged personal coverage(not unfairness to others).Happy to defend others re: bias”


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