More Make-Believe Right-Wing Extremism from DHS

by Mark Krikorian

So, you’re going to have a terrorism training exercise tomorrow for first responders in Iowa. For such a drill you have to have fake terrorists; in the words of the organizer, you need a “backdrop and the setup, if you will, to help create a perception of reality for the responders.” So who do you pick as the terrorists? Al-Qaeda? The Zetas?

Of course not:

A mock school shooting training drill involving a teen who vents his anger over illegal Immigration by using violence has angered an anti-illegal Immigration group in Iowa, which claims the fictitious scenario is in poor taste and has a political agenda.

The four-hour exercise scheduled for Saturday at Treynor High School would include police, firefighters, hospitals, government officials and others. Officials said the drill’s fake scenario would be based on a school shooting involving two teens, including one with ties to a white supremacist group who was angry with illegal Immigration. A description of the exercise said the teen’s frustration stemmed from an influx of minorities into the community that lead to economic instability and sparked racial tensions.

Yet again, the leftists are filling in for the lack of genuine right-wing violent extremists by inventing them out of whole cloth.

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