Biden Off The Rails

by Jonah Goldberg

From my column today:

Even President Obama, whose “first presidential decision” was tapping Biden to be his running mate (that should have been a red flag right there) has gotten in on the act. During his first address to Congress, Obama declared, “Nobody messes with Joe!” the same way jocks yell, “Nobody messes with the water boy!” All that was missing was a noogie from the commander-in-chief.

What’s different now is that the two Bidens seem not only to be merging, but to be gaining influence inside the White House.

Biden, like a lot of eccentrics, loves to play with trains. What makes him different is that he prefers real ones. As a senator, he famously rode Amtrak to get home to Delaware. And because he failed to understand that what worked for him might not work for everyone, he’s funneled billions of dollars to a passenger-rail system that cannot survive in the market. If he had the same response to a great plate of chicken wings, he’d want a subsidy for that too.

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