Dems Return to Indiana

by Katrina Trinko

The Indiana House Democrats, after staying in Illinois for over a month, will return tonight.

Republicans made certain concessions, including axing the right-to-work bill that initially outraged the Democrats. They also reduced the number of vouchers that will be available (it will now be 7,500 vouchers in the first year and 15,000 in the second year; Republicans had wanted 10,000 in the first year and 20,000 in the second year). And on a bill concerning wages  paid to construction workers on public projects that had angered unions, the GOP agreed that the new rules would only apply to projects costing $350,000 or less in 2013, not all projects costing under $1 million as had originally been proposed.

Democrats will still have to pay fines totaling over $3000 for their absence.

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