Left Unsatisfied

by Dana M. Perino

Setting aside the swipes at his predecessors . . .

From a communications standpoint, I think Obama’s speech tonight fell short of its needs and expectations. I know he reads a speech well, but the cadence is always the same — it’s as if you could take any of his major addresses and guess exactly how they are going to go. And the sentences often lead to head-scratching: the mind wanders — thinking, did he really just say that? Do they really believe those words?

I agree strongly that people who long to be free will look to the United States, and I’m glad he gave voice to that sentiment. I don’t think I heard a clear distinction about why we need to protect Libyans but not others — but perhaps reporting on the speech will make that clear.

Alas, this speech is like others the president has given that call to mind the old saw about Chinese take-out: at first you’re full — but an hour later you’re thinking, I’m still hungry.