Who Are the Libyan Rebels? Doesn’t the President Care?

by Peter Kirsanow

We’ve been engaged in a war with al-Qaeda for ten years. They’ve been at war with us for far longer than that.

We’ve fought them in  Iraq, Afghanistan, and throughout the world. They’ve killed thousands of American troops and civilians and have vowed to see our ultimate destruction.

Now a growing number of news outlets are reporting that Libyan rebel leaders fought against U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Pentagon officials acknowledge the presence of al-Qaeda and Hezbollah among the ranks of the rebels. Pentagon officials further state that we’re not communicating with the rebels, yet U.N. ambassador Susan Rice asserts that the administration hasn’t ruled out arming them.

Nonetheless, last night the president failed to devote any time  to credibly addressing the identity, allegiances, and objectives of those on whose behalf he’s committed our military. Under the Obama doctrine, are such matters now irrelevant? Is it impolitic to ask whether we may be providing military support to those who’ve sworn to destroy us?

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