For FY 2011, Rubio Seeks Deeper Cuts: ‘I Don’t Know If the Number is the Right Number’

by Robert Costa

Florida’s freshman GOP senator spoke with ABC News this morning about shutdown politics:

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos: That is coming up next month, but we do have this immediate hurdle, and where it stands right now, you’ve passed about $10 billion in cuts. Democrats say they’re going to come up with $30 billion. Republicans have said they want 60. Is the $30 billion good enough for you?

Senator Rubio: Well, what it needs to be is to show that we’re serious, so I don’t know if the number is the right number. I think it should be higher, quite frankly. I was happy with the bill that the House passed. I think that was a good step forward. It’s still a small amount in comparison to the trillions of dollars of debt that this country has now taken on. If you look at it, this is a multi-trillion dollar debt, that’s over a trillion dollars a year in debt, in the deficit, and they’re talking about $6 billion in cuts, which was a Democrat plan when they passed it here. That’s not a serious offer. I think the Senate Democrats need to get serious about dealing with this, and we’re running out of time.

Rubio, after three months of quietly going about his Senate business, is clearly jumping into the national fiscal debate. Make sure to check out his Wall Street Journal op-ed on the debt-limit vote and his interview with Jonathan Karl from Nightline.

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