On the Home Page

by Matthew Shaffer


The Editors decry Obama’s inconsistency on Libya, and propose policies with more clarity.

Thomas Sowell remembers that Obama has been consistently inconsistent.

Victor Davis Hanson explains the contradictions: Obama’s celestial rhetoric soars over a fallen world.

Jim Lacey traces Iran’s hostility to the West from the Battle of Marathon to today.

Andy McCarthy lists the top “Arab Spring” howlers, propagated by those who won’t ask unpleasant questions.

Claudia Rossett details one howler in particular: Clinton’s claim that Bashar Assad is a “reformer.”

Lou Dolinar describes why the United States’ nuclear reactors are safer than Japan’s.

Jonah Goldberg argues that feminism is one of the top curatives for fatwa.

Michelle Malkin prepares for a Justice Department whitewash of Project Gunrunner.

Michael Tanner frets that Republican contenders for 2012 are Dubya-style, big-government conservatives.

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