Kobach Battles Voter Fraud

by Robert Costa

In Kansas, Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who wrote the National Review cover story on Arizona last year, has started his Topeka tenure with a bang, battling voter fraud and pushing the state legislature to pass tough photo ID and proof-of-citizenship requirements. Earlier this week, Kobach emerged victorious from the debate, as the state house passed his measure, 111-11, after passing in the state senate last week, 36-3.

Some details of the legislation via the Kansas City Star:

•Voters would be required to provide an ID when they cast ballots starting Jan. 1, 2012. The ID could include a driver’s license, a state ID card, a passport, a military ID, or a license for carrying a concealed handgun. Exemptions could include people with permanent physical disabilities or active-duty military personnel and their spouses.

•A free state ID would be available to anyone 18 or older, as long they sign an affidavit stating they plan to vote and don’t have any other form of ID acceptable under the bill.

•Voters casting advance ballots by mail must provide a current driver’s license number, state ID card number or a copy of an acceptable ID form.

•Would-be voters must prove their citizenship when they register to vote beginning Jan. 1, 2013. Acceptable documents for proving citizenship include a birth certificate, a passport or a driver’s license from another state as long as the license shows they have proved their citizenship.

Gov. Sam Brownback (R., Kan.) has indicated that he will sign the bill into law.

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