Tea Partiers Accept Farm Subsidies

by Katrina Trinko

Five Tea Party House members have received farm subsidies, reports ABC News. The amounts received since 1995 range from nearly $180,000 (Indiana Rep. Marlin Stuzman) to over $3 million (Reps. Stephen Fincher of Tennessee and Kristi Noem of South Dakota).

Missouri Rep. Vicki Hartzler, who has received nearly $775,000 in farm subsidies, told ABC that cutting farm subsidies “should be on the table,”  but would not commit to voting against them. Fincher suggested that the program needed to be “streamline[d]” while Noem told ABC in September that she saw “some potential” in considering farm subsidies cuts, but added that it was important to be “giving our farmers an opportunity to work on a level playing field with other countries.”

The fifth Tea Party recepient was Iowa Rep. Tom Latham, who has received over $1 million.

Stuzman was the only Tea Party recepient who directly said he would cut farm subsidies, which can cost up to $20 billion annually.

“Yes, I would vote to eliminate farm subsidies. It manipulates the market,” he told ABC.



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