by John J. Miller

Here’s how they celebrate April Fool’s Day at NYU, according to Corina Cappabianca:

On April Fool’s Day, Stalinist supporters will be speaking at NYU. Seriously, I’m not joking.

The six-hour conference “Academic Freedom in the 1960s” is set to take place at 1 Washington Mews from 12 to 6 p.m. The theme of the event will focus on education, yet a quick background check on the venue’s stars is quite revealing. …

But perhaps the most radical of the participatory “academics” is Rutgers University-Newark Professor and author H. Bruce Franklin, who will be serving on the Vietnam War panel. Franklin has called Stalin “one of the greatest heroes of modern history.” In addition, Franklin wrote in an introductory essay for the book “The Essential Stalin,” “I used to think of Joseph Stalin as a tyrant and a butcher … but, to about a billion people today, Stalin is the opposite of what we in the capitalist world have been programmed to believe.”

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