‘The Jihad Begins Today’

by John J. Miller

A college student who tweeted about Jihad and murder won’t face charges, reports Amanda Seitz of the Student Free Press Association:

The Montreal Police Department will not press charges against the McGill University student who threatened to shoot everyone in a classroom via his Twitter page.

Haaris Khan wrote a series of threatening tweets while at a screening of “Indoctrinate U,” a documentary about political correctness in American higher education, on March 8.

“I want to shoot everyone in this room,” he wrote. “I should have brought an M16.”

According to the McGill Tribune, approximately 20 students were in the room during the time of Khan’s tweets. At 1:14 p.m. the next day, Khan tweeted, “The jihad begins today.”

The Montreal Police Department investigated Khan but did not find grounds for charges, Media Relations Agent Raphael Bergeron said.

Imagine what the Canadians would have tried to do to Mark Steyn if he had written something like this.

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