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Florence King’s Anglophilia


Our dear NR columnist, of Misanthrope’s Corner past and Bent Pin present, penned a wonderful “Diary” piece recently for The Spectator, expounding on her affection for things British. A snippet:

My Anglophilia got its start early on, honed and polished by the cultural tilts between my English father and my American mother. One concerned the dying philanderer Edward VII. ‘Queen Alexandra sent a car for his mistress, Mrs Keppel, so they could say goodbye,’ said my father. ‘She should have sent a car to run over her,’ said my mother. I wasn’t even sure what a mistress was, but it was my first inkling of the difference between the two countries: Americans are generous but not magnanimous, because the grand gesture is too aristocratic for comfort.

Read the whole piece here. And since one can never get enough of Florence, why not get her two classic collections, STET, Damnit! and Deja Reviews. Order them directly from the NRO Store, here.