A Game Changer in the Wisconsin Supreme Court Race?

by Christian Schneider

Two weeks ago, a group called the Greater Wisconsin Committee began running an ad against Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser that accused the Justice of aiding a pedophile priest 33 years ago while Prosser was a district attorney. (The priest was later convicted, when more evidence was collected.) Unions know that defeating Prosser in this election would swing control of the state Supreme Court back to liberals, which could then begin dismantling Gov. Scott Walker’s agenda.

Today, Troy Merryfield, one of the sex abuse victims, has begun appearing in a TV ad supporting Prosser. In the ad, Merryfield makes an emotional appeal for Kloppenburg’s allies to stop using “our pain for their gain.”

The election is scheduled for Tuesday.

— Christian Schneider is a senior fellow at the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute.

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