Krauthammer’s Take

by NRO Staff

From Thursday night’s Fox News All-Stars.

On the president authorizing intelligence agents to work with the rebels in Libya:

That question that Jay Carney, the press secretary, dodged — if we’re not having any American boots on the ground, how do you account for the CIA guys? I think the answer — according to my intelligence sources — is that our CIA guys in Libya are wearing bathroom slippers because it’s very important that this administration stay within the announced rules of engagement.

Which leads to the real absurdity of today, which was that NATO announced (this is a true story now) that if the rebels are attacking civilians, we will attack the rebels. I mean this is Keystone Kops. Is this why we send our men and women into battle — to act as a celestial referee of a civil war to make sure everybody obeys the Marquess of Queensbury rules?

This is … an operation the president has to explain. It’s all about what the ultimate objective is. And they have not given any answer that is credible. …

We already own the war. Obama decided we were going to enter the war. He’s the one who organized the coalition. He crowed about it. It’s now his war. He thinks he can pretend it’s a NATO war or U.N. war, Arab League war. Of course not. A coalition is a means. Not an end.

A president has to decide what the end is and pursue it seriously. Otherwise he should not enter his country into war.

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