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The New Issue – NRODT Rocks!


What a line-up: In the new April 18th issue you’ll find articles, columns, and reviews from Victor Davis Hanson, John Bolton, Mark Steyn, Pat Sajak (great review of John Miller’s new book), Ross Douthat, Christina Hoff Summers, Kevin D. Williamson, Jay Nordlinger, Ramesh Ponnuru, James Lileks, David Pryce-Jones, Ben Berger, John Derbyshire, Michael Knox Beran, Kevin Hassett, Reihan Salam, and saving the best for last, KLO. Take (POW!) that you (SOCK!) liberals. Dudes and dudestresses, if you aren’t subscribing to NRODT, or its online sibling, you are missing a world of good. Sign up now for the magazine or for the digital version.