November Could Use Some Reinforcements

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

This was recently sent to me:

Imagine the Republic as a “mansion on the hill”.

The mansion was built with the blood of the current owners’ forefathers.

The heirs to the mansion, with no personal investment in the property, became complacent and lazy leaving the mansion for days and weeks at a time only to find increasing disrepair of the building and grounds when they returned from time to time.

The heirs spent more and more time away on hedonistic journeys.

Finally the heirs came home to find mansion occupied by squatters of all types from leftist politicians to pot smoking aging hippies & revolutionary cadres.

A small group of the former residents evicted (some of) the leftists politicians and retreated to discuss what to do next.

Some began to form groups to plan restoration of the property, others to evict remaining squatters, others to plan fumigation — most continued their hedonistic pursuits.

What none of the former occupants saw was the smoke drifting over the hill behind the mansion, and thus unaware of the raging forest fire just over the hill.

By the time the squatters are evicted and remodeling crews in place… the fire may be reaching the mansion.

Those are the sentiments that have people beside themselves at the prospect we can’t seem to cut more, we can’t seem to work faster, please. That’s why Republicans seem to be at each other’s throats, pushing for more — as much as is plausible in a Washington where only a majority of the House seems to get it. And then some.

It’s not unrelated to a quote I grab from Yves Simon in my syndicated column this week: “Today we frequently hear it remarked that the privilege of freedom has to be rewon once in every generation — or, say, three or four times a century. Even that is too much optimism. Freedom is impregnably assured only by an effort to conquer it which is renewed every day.”

That’s what has people impatient. It’s also what should have us supporting those who are trying to do the right thing. I think that includes both the likes of Jim Jordan and John Boehner (and the team around him). And, increasingly. 

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