Walk Like a Slut, My Daughter

by Daniel Foster

Jonah, K-Lo, scenes from the Slut Walk:

In the background, you hear a man shouting “we love sluts! we love sluts!”

One of a zillion tiny reminders that the incoherence of Third-Wave feminism has benefited none more than the cads. And:

“I think that I can dress in a thong and some tights–and maybe not wear any underwear when I’m wearing a skirt, and that not be a consent for me to get raped.”

I quite agree with that. But for what, exactly, is this sort of thing a consent? And what in it is worth valorizing? That’s the cultural question this reflexive, ersatz feminism has all but stopped bothering to answer. Also on display here, one of the worst pathologies of the Left: the delusion that we can ever achieve a world so just it makes prudence unnecessary.

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